Friday, September 10, 2010

First Day/Week Blues

My hub nut, being the sensitive caring guy he is summarily dumped our kid off at school without much fanfare. When he came home, I yelled at him for not making sure son nut got his classroom assignment, so he grumpily went back to the school, only to find everyone had been sent off to class. So, there he is, tramping around campus hearing his name butchered on every security guard's radio "Mr. Hub Nart is on campus, Mr. Hub Newt is here, Mr. Hub Nit is on campus..."

It was probably a good thing son nut wasn't privy to that embarrassment.

We had missed the initial registration in August when son nut was supposed to get his I.D. picture taken, sign up for a senior buddy, and get his text books, as we were on vacation. We got our paperwork turned in by our friend and we got our list of classes, but the first day is when the kids are assigned their classrooms. Son nut also didn't get his photo I.D., or his textbooks and since there were about 70 other kids waiting for their pics on the first day of school, he had to get the photo done during lunch.

With all that said, everything went reasonably well, and he lived to tell about it.

Hub nut told me about a kid he overheard talking on his cell phone to his mom. Apparently, the kid had tried to get his classroom assignments when he was told he wasn't even ENROLLED! Holy smokes, that story broke my heart.

Son nut has P.E. last period, and they have weight training and endurance training every other day. These workouts are to ensure they shed that gangly goofy freshman appearance, and turninto competitive burly he men.

Lots o' homework already, and grumbling to go right along with it. Hopefully, he'll stay organized and on top of it, or it'll be a long 4 years.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The First Dreaded Day of School

My son starts 9th grade at Torrance High tomorrow. Of course, we have more questions than answers.

For one, after a gander at his 'schedule' I noticed there were no classrooms listed. So, I guess he gets that information on his first day. Great. Secondly, when we visited to find out where his locker was located, we couldn't find it. Great again.

He doesn't appear too concerned, and the awkwardness of being a new student should wear off after the first week or so.

I think I'll post about 'What To Do On The First Day Of School At Torrance High" for all you nervous nelly parents out there. I could have certainly used the help!