Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bias at the Breeze

I've been a subscriber to the Breeze for many, many years. I typically enjoy the paper, with some exceptions, but this morning's paper makes me wonder whether I want to continue to get the DB.

I noticed that almost all the 'feel good' articles and lovely photography typically involved Palos Verdes, and the beach cities, whereas all the bad news and mug shots - shootings, rapes, dog attacks, theft - involved every other South Bay city. Now, granted, I expect there is more crime in certain areas of the South Bay in comparison to, say, Manhattan Beach, but there seems to be no effort to publish positive stories that involve, say, Harbor Gateway citizens. Confirming my suspicions were the DB archives. My search results had me conclude that the only Harbor Gateway stories typically involved the police log.

Here's a summary of most of today's DB's top stories:

Manhattan Beach - Dunes open. Volleyball tournament.
El Segundo - Feel good story about Afghan girl, Little League, school board vacancy.
Harbor Gateway: Stabbing.
Carson: Murder conviction.
Rolling Hills: Defraud case sentence.
Gardena/Hawthorne/Lawndale/Westchester/Playa del Rey: Maxine Waters charged with violating ethics rules.
Torrance: Foodies gather, Emergency Room standards.
Hermosa: Pier to Pier race.

Don't get me started on Meredith Grenier's column, which is basically an homage to wealthy pepperpots and their so-called charities and garden parties, i.e., disguised tax shelters for the Locust Valley Lockjaws.

It's time the Breeze represented the less affluent areas of the South Bay more fairly. Frankly, the next time that renewal shows up in the mail, I'll probably consider another option - the Sacramento Bee, anyone?

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