Saturday, June 12, 2010


Which of the following are racist?

According to an article in the Daily Breeze, both are. (who knew Stephen Hawking was such a potty mouth!)

Apparently, the NAACP missed the 4th grade grammar lesson when "homophones" were explained - however, it's quite possible the word "homophone" was deemed politically incorrect, and is no longer taught in the public schools.

In the interest of fair play, equality and kumbaya , I'd like to introduce other imagery/words/names the NAACP should direct their righteous indignation. To quote member Lula Davis-Holmes, "If there's an inkling of a doubt, it should be dealt with. People are outraged."

• This guy's name is particularly offensive, and his music should be removed from retail shelves immediately (click on the picture.) As a person of asian descent, I cannot be victimized, and deserve an immediate apology.

• Health Maintenance Organization: HMO sounds like a derogatory word for homosexual and should be changed or modified. (see homophone)

• DayGlow: This word sounds too close to this. Calling for the immediate destruction of these and a name change for this company.

• This show and this organization is offensive to Japanese Americans - for shame!

• I am calling for an immediate boycott of this cleaning product.

• Pretty obvious what the problem is here.

• And Burger King's insulting burger:

• Tastes great, but I double-dog dare you to order this drink at a restaurant.

Frankly, there is a slur for pretty much every ethnicity under the sun. If you're looking to be insulted, outraged, or disgusted, seek and Ye shall find.

This subject has received its 15 minutes of notoriety, and that's about all it's worth. If the worse thing the NAACP can find to get upset about is this greeting card, perhaps we should rejoice, not be offended.

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