Saturday, June 12, 2010

Junk House, RIP

There was a home on 223rd Street in West Carson, just a few blocks off the Harbor freeway and across the street from Meyler Elementary School. Does anyone remember the condition of this home the way it appeared several years ago? You couldn't miss this place traveling west from the off ramp. It was the most amazing, bizarre, nightmarish home ever.

I remember it well for several reasons. First of all, the yard was packed to the edge of the property with old appliances, furniture, and various junk. The debris tottered 9 feet high on all sides of the house, plus, there was a large truck out front with junk piled in the back. Once, I looked up the home on Google map (this was before the street view was available, unfortunately.) There was so much stuff around the home, it was visible with the satellite view.

My friend's aunt lived next door in a very neatly manicured home. The ramshackle mess must have made living there pretty bad, but she actually helped the tenants/owners from time to time. Apparently, there was no running water in their home, so they would ask to use her outdoor faucet to get water. Given the condition of the exterior, I could only imagine what horrors lingered within the blotched walls of that ramshackle home.

A few years ago, the family who lived there was either evicted, moved out, or otherwise removed from the property, along with the hoard. Over several weeks, acres of discards, flotsam and jetsam were hauled away, never to return. The house was cleaned up, repaired and cleaned enough to make it livable, and before I knew it, another family had moved in.

There has since been NO accumulation at the home, at least on the outside.

I always wondered who those people were, where they went, and what happened to all their stuff.

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