Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Gewgaw, Just Scarves - Redux

Once upon a time, on a laptop far, far away, I started a blog with the intention of posting my collection of vintage souvenir scarves and pillow case covers (HEY, it was better than collecting Pez dispensers or Beanie Babies.) The purpose was to eventually give up the collection, either by selling or giving much of it away - and there is a lot to get rid of.

I successfully gave away several of the more historically significant pillow covers to various military museums across the country, but it's harder to give stuff away than you'd think. Not that I have a huge personal attachment, but sadly, not everyone wanted one - YA THINK???

That blog hasn't gone away, but it's on permanent hiatus. In the interest of merging the two blogs I'm going to post the photos here from time to time.

Silk screen on acetate, yarn fringe.

Lordsburg was home to an U.S. Army internment camp from 1942 through 1945. In addition to Japanese intenees, there were Italian and German enemy combatants at this location.

An incident at the camp where two Japanese men were shot and killed was never fully investigated. Although the soldier responsible claimed the two men were trying to escape, at least one of the men had a severe back condition that prevented him from running. They were shot in the back.

To me, this particular pillow cover is probably one of the more significant ones, especially because of the internment camp connection. But because there is no Lordsburg camp anymore, and no one in Lordsburg is particularly keen on celebrating its notorious history, this cover is still stashed away in my chest.

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