Monday, June 28, 2010

Congrats, Angelo Gumbs!

This talented Torrance High School baseball player has been drafted by the NY Yankees - how cool is that?? And to think he ump'd a few of our Babe Ruth games! Couldn't happen to a nicer kid.

Epidemics that shouldn't be

Yup, Whooping Cough is officially epidemic in the State of California, thanks in part to people like Jenny McCarthy.

I'm posting two excellent videos on the subject of vaccinations - I can't imagine the pain it would cause a new mom and dad to know the death of their infant was preventable, if not for one unethical medical doctor, and a plethora of paranoid, ill-informed parents.

I chose these two videos because they are clear, accurate and easy to understand. Please pass these on - the health of the most fragile and innocent may be at stake.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mondo Video, Instant Update

Amazing what you can find on google...duh.

Here's a YouTube video of the owner as he appeared in the late 80s and a link to his rambling My Space page.

Mondo Video

Ah, the 1980s. The hub nut and I were newlyweds, broke and young. We spent many evenings exploring the cramped aisles of our favorite video store, Mondo Video, located in a tiny strip mall off Channel Street in San Pedro.

The owners, from what I could gather, were a son and his father. The location was dark, spooky and isolated, so the elder Mondo carried a pistol, visible beneath his sizable stomach. I don't know if I felt safer with the nearsighted owner packing heat, but that little item, coupled with his loud voice and wild hair was more than enough to encourage criminals to take their activities elsewhere.

The shop was tiny, but loaded to the ceiling with B-movies of all genres, old movie posters and underground newspapers. The store was a mecca for sullen movie buffs, shadowy characters and teenagers looking for soft-core B-movie porn, like Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS.

The two Mondos (I kid here, I don't know what their names were) were never particularly friendly to anyone, but they were less than rude to us, probably because we returned the videos on time and paid in cash.

This is where I fell in love with Z-movies, like Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Spider Baby, Blood Feast and Incredibly Strange Creatures (Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies.)

One evening, only a few years after we discovered the place, we found a pile of videos in front of the door, with a small sign stating they were closed for good.

My heart was broken.

After that, we had a hell of a time finding videos we liked - Blockbuster never carried much in the way of vintage films, and most video stores didn't specialize. Only a few stores in the Hollywood area catered to our tastes, and that was too far for us to drive for a few movies.

I miss Mondo Video, and I always wondered what happened to the owners, and why the store closed. If anyone knows, I'd certainly appreciate the information.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Little Man, The Way Girls Are

Very dear little short film.


I finally got my hairs cut. It was long overdue, like the old joke goes: What's the difference between a good hair cut and a bad hair cut? Answer: Two weeks. In my case, it was more like 3 months. My hair had gone from a bob to shoulder length, and at my age, it looked pretty darn horrific. I had given to putting it in pony tail or clipping it in the back. Scary.

Now, I look like a well groomed, albeit it, middle aged lady with my slightly Mrs. Brady shag hairdo. But it's such a vast improvement, I ain't complainin'.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Which of the following are racist?

According to an article in the Daily Breeze, both are. (who knew Stephen Hawking was such a potty mouth!)

Apparently, the NAACP missed the 4th grade grammar lesson when "homophones" were explained - however, it's quite possible the word "homophone" was deemed politically incorrect, and is no longer taught in the public schools.

In the interest of fair play, equality and kumbaya , I'd like to introduce other imagery/words/names the NAACP should direct their righteous indignation. To quote member Lula Davis-Holmes, "If there's an inkling of a doubt, it should be dealt with. People are outraged."

• This guy's name is particularly offensive, and his music should be removed from retail shelves immediately (click on the picture.) As a person of asian descent, I cannot be victimized, and deserve an immediate apology.

• Health Maintenance Organization: HMO sounds like a derogatory word for homosexual and should be changed or modified. (see homophone)

• DayGlow: This word sounds too close to this. Calling for the immediate destruction of these and a name change for this company.

• This show and this organization is offensive to Japanese Americans - for shame!

• I am calling for an immediate boycott of this cleaning product.

• Pretty obvious what the problem is here.

• And Burger King's insulting burger:

• Tastes great, but I double-dog dare you to order this drink at a restaurant.

Frankly, there is a slur for pretty much every ethnicity under the sun. If you're looking to be insulted, outraged, or disgusted, seek and Ye shall find.

This subject has received its 15 minutes of notoriety, and that's about all it's worth. If the worse thing the NAACP can find to get upset about is this greeting card, perhaps we should rejoice, not be offended.

Junk House, RIP

There was a home on 223rd Street in West Carson, just a few blocks off the Harbor freeway and across the street from Meyler Elementary School. Does anyone remember the condition of this home the way it appeared several years ago? You couldn't miss this place traveling west from the off ramp. It was the most amazing, bizarre, nightmarish home ever.

I remember it well for several reasons. First of all, the yard was packed to the edge of the property with old appliances, furniture, and various junk. The debris tottered 9 feet high on all sides of the house, plus, there was a large truck out front with junk piled in the back. Once, I looked up the home on Google map (this was before the street view was available, unfortunately.) There was so much stuff around the home, it was visible with the satellite view.

My friend's aunt lived next door in a very neatly manicured home. The ramshackle mess must have made living there pretty bad, but she actually helped the tenants/owners from time to time. Apparently, there was no running water in their home, so they would ask to use her outdoor faucet to get water. Given the condition of the exterior, I could only imagine what horrors lingered within the blotched walls of that ramshackle home.

A few years ago, the family who lived there was either evicted, moved out, or otherwise removed from the property, along with the hoard. Over several weeks, acres of discards, flotsam and jetsam were hauled away, never to return. The house was cleaned up, repaired and cleaned enough to make it livable, and before I knew it, another family had moved in.

There has since been NO accumulation at the home, at least on the outside.

I always wondered who those people were, where they went, and what happened to all their stuff.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doctors - I'm sick of 'em

That's an overstatement, but I've been to Kaiser three times this week, and I'm going back tomorrow. I'll be going at least four more times this month.

I'm never getting old, I swear.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bad Citizen

I voted, but I would probably done a lot more good NOT voting, since I was a lazy butt, didn't really read anything, and was only interested in our local election and issues. I figured everything else is a lost cause, and that people who could actually make a marked change  would never run or could never be elected.

So, there you have it.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


My hub nut got an iPad a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty swanky, but in all honesty, it looks and feels like a really big heavy iPhone. I teased him about it really being just a laptop sized phone without a keyboard. Of course, he came home the other day with the iPad accessory keyboard.


I have a laptop, and a phone, so what would I need with a hybrid laptop?

While waiting at the doctor's office with my mom, I spoke with an older woman who had a Kindle. She had the first version, and said she took it with her everywhere.

What appealed to me was how simple and straightforward it was. No camera, just basic internet, not a lot of gadgetry I don't need or want. Think about it - you can load 1500 books on something the size of a flat paperback. 1.8 million out-of-copyright books available FOR FREE. Newspapers, everything in one place. The battery lasts for a week. It's perfect for what I want.

If I were a student, I would certainly like to be able to make notes in the margins and have them there permanently without fear of a semester's worth of notes disappearing into the stratosphere. That, and the ability to quickly rifle and earmark pages.

In spite of that, I want Santa to bring me a Kindle.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Gewgaw, Just Scarves - Redux

Once upon a time, on a laptop far, far away, I started a blog with the intention of posting my collection of vintage souvenir scarves and pillow case covers (HEY, it was better than collecting Pez dispensers or Beanie Babies.) The purpose was to eventually give up the collection, either by selling or giving much of it away - and there is a lot to get rid of.

I successfully gave away several of the more historically significant pillow covers to various military museums across the country, but it's harder to give stuff away than you'd think. Not that I have a huge personal attachment, but sadly, not everyone wanted one - YA THINK???

That blog hasn't gone away, but it's on permanent hiatus. In the interest of merging the two blogs I'm going to post the photos here from time to time.

Silk screen on acetate, yarn fringe.

Lordsburg was home to an U.S. Army internment camp from 1942 through 1945. In addition to Japanese intenees, there were Italian and German enemy combatants at this location.

An incident at the camp where two Japanese men were shot and killed was never fully investigated. Although the soldier responsible claimed the two men were trying to escape, at least one of the men had a severe back condition that prevented him from running. They were shot in the back.

To me, this particular pillow cover is probably one of the more significant ones, especially because of the internment camp connection. But because there is no Lordsburg camp anymore, and no one in Lordsburg is particularly keen on celebrating its notorious history, this cover is still stashed away in my chest.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Registration Day and June stinks

Tomorrow, I register the son nut for high school - oh, joy! I think the process is pretty assembly line, so it shouldn't take long.

I checked my calendar and this month is nuts - in addition to the usual sports stuff, orchestra and work, there's my dad's cataract surgery and other doctor appointments, dentist and orthodontist appointments, my mammogram, at least one birthday, an anniversary, end of school stuff and I don't know what else.

When does summer vacation start?