Friday, May 28, 2010

R.I.P. Gary

I'm coming clean.  I watched more than one episode of Diff'rent Strokes, and thought little Arnold was cuter than a bug.

Like everyone else, I watched his real life become, well, a bit of a train wreck. In memorial, here's a personal story I have of Gary Coleman.

My hub nut was hanging out with his younger brother and a couple other friends at Six Flags Magic Mountain (this was before we met, sometime in 1979.) They were having a grand time on the rides doing what teenagers do at theme parks - mess around on the rides pushing each other around and being loud.

Gary was in line behind their group at the log ride. He was there with his publicist (this alone is sad - typically you go to these places with a friend or at least your parents, for chrissakes.) The guys were joking around with him, asking him questions, and he was getting a kick being around this good natured bunch. They all went on the ride, and my hub nut and his brother and friends were (of course) horsing around, trying to tip the boat, rocking it like mad and otherwise trying to get booted off the ride, and Gary was laughing and getting a kick watching the craziness. When they got off the ride, they went to get in line again, and Gary begged to go on the next ride with them. They were more than happy to let him - but the publicist said no. He was truly disappointed, and my hub nut said he felt sorry for him because you could tell he really wanted to hang out with them.

I hope his final ride isn't quite as lonely.

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