Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dot com is dot gone

Well, if you happen to run a search on google for 'randommadnessintorrance' you'll notice when you click on the site, the dot com version is gone. Vamoose. Defunct, dead, deceased - it's an ex-parrot, so to speak.

After researching what to do when someone snipes your domain name, I read an article here: My old site, was a mirror site that had all my content, graphics, photos, etc., but I couldn't update it or add to it. (I did find that if there was a link to You Tube, I could change the video that displayed on my playlist - interesting...)

I wrote a formal complaint to the registrar after running a Whois, and voila, the dot com site is now down.

Old dot com will still get hits, but if I keep updating this blog, eventually, the dot com will be but a memory. Eventually, I'd like to get dot com back, but if it doesn't happen, that's okay.


Rosa said...

Was all your content from dotcom transferred to your dotnet? I did a google search for torrance telecommunications committee but can't find the referenced blog. Thanks!

So Cal Peeper said...

Actually, everything past and present is on the dotnet site. There's the telecommunication post:

Most of my cell tower posts are in the month of November, 2009.

Rosa said...

Thank you! I must have spelled "telecommunications" wrong when I searched your blog. Anyway, so glad I came across your blog - which is great! I am a Torrance resident that with the help of our HOA successfully (so far) fought the building of a T-mobile cell tower on a commercial property just adjacent to our home. The Telecommunications Committee approved the permit but we appealed with the Planning Commission. We never could have fought it without the help of our HOA. I've only lived in Torrance for about 4 years now and I love it.

So Cal Peeper said...

If you have support from your community and neighbors, that gets the attention of the leadership.

I think our cell tower is on hold - at least, nothing has happened as of yet.

I did however, notice a cell tower directly adjacent or right on top of Hickory Tree School on Madrona.