Friday, December 25, 2009

Fish Night

We had our big holiday celebration on Christmas eve. We serve fish, which is an italian tradition, and technically shouldn't serve meat, but my mom brought a ham. My hub-nut bbq'd some really nice ahi tuna and salmon, and I baked some tilapia wrapped in parchment and cooked a bit of scallops. My hub-nut's mom brought some pesce stocco, which is a cod soup - the cod is reconstituted - sounds weird but it's good, and some fried cod.

My sis in law brought some very lovely arancini, which are yummy rice balls filled with meat or cheese - fried (so fattening, but who cares when it tastes so good.) She also brought a truck load of home baked goodies.

My sister brought a home made apple pie - it was sucked up with nary a left over.

We ate and ate, so there are barely any left overs, and my waist line has expanded somewhat, and will continue to do so as we finish up all the baked sweets.

My favorite part of the evening was our white elephant gift exchange where gifts like a ceramic smoking monkey, a thrift store carved wooden head and Superman underpants were part of the cache of weird gifts.

On Christmas, we headed over to my bro-in-laws for some home made pizza. Unfortunately, half the guests had bad colds. Fortunately, you feed a cold.

Hope your holidays were wonderful and well-fed.

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