Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Lights - The Game

Every year at this time, my family plays the Christmas Lights! Game - I take credit for its invention (if you play this game, please email me so I can tell you where to mail my royalty checks.)

The game is played while driving in the car at night, typically while on the way home from the store, or practice. The rules are simple - the first person to spot homes with Christmas lights along the road yells "Christmas Lights!". The person to spot the most lights by the time we pull into our driveway wins.

When my son-nut was little, my hub-nut or I always won - mostly because we're a bunch of competitive jerks who wouldn't give our kid a break, but also because he was considerably shorter and he sat in the back seat, thereby getting the worst view in the car.

Now that son-nut is older, taller, and rides shotgun, he claims he is not interested in participating in the game. However, once I start yelling "Christmas Lights" three or four times, he is compelled by an invisible force (and the fact that he's matured into a competitive jerk like his parents) to start playing.

He's been winning, which of course annoys me because he gloats even more than I do when I win.


lynn said...

i like the idea of this game - but there are no lights in my 'hood!!!

So Cal Peeper said...

Sadly, driving isn't exactly safe when I'm trying to peer around street corners while yelling.

My brother and I played a very similar game as kids, except we'd be on the lookout for Volkswagon Beetles.