Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why living ain't easy

Things 'needed' 27 years ago:

1. one land line telephone
2. two cars
3. radio with cassette player, cassettes
4. one bedroom apartment
6. one no-name 128k PC hub-nut assembled
7. one tv
8. cable
9. one hub-nut

Things 'needed' now:

1. landline telephone in every room w/ answering machine
2. two cars
3. cell phone for each person in house
4. additional iphone for hub-nut for work
5. stereo, cds
6. ipod, itunes
7. Direct TV (three tvs)
8. three laptops
9. two printers, one with fax, one color
10. hi-speed internet connection, wireless
11. 3 game systems and a million games
12. house, 3 bedrooms
13. GPS
14. one hub-nut
15. one son-nut.

I don't worry about posting this info because most people I know have exactly the same stuff in their homes - except for, perhaps the hub and son-nut.

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