Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fashion Forward

I'm fascinated by exaggerated body modifications - scarification, ear stretching, implants, large area tattoos. The animation is just one drawing, but I moved it around on the Photoshop canvas, then copied into iMovie. Voila, fake animation.

My father has a tattoo he acquired in the Navy over 60 years ago. From what he tells me, it's an anchor. I don't see it - other than it's blue blob. around 4" in diameter and on his forearm, that's about all I can tell about it.

I suspect tattoo technology has improved with time; however, one thing that doesn't improve with time is your skin. It gets wrinklier, browner, looser and spottier. Veins crop up where they were invisible before. Hair crops up where it wasn't, and vanishes where it was.

Human skin is not the most reliable art surface.

So, when I see a twenty-something with a 3" diameter plug in his ear, or a girl with a large dragon on her abdomen, I know that 'art form' is going to morph into something considerably less attractive over the next few decades.

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