Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nay, Palm, Part 2

In regards to the proposed project on Sepulveda and Arlington, described as "... Telecom Permit to allow the collocation of a telecommunications facility with 12 antennas designed as a false tree by increasing the height of an existing pole on property located at....etc...". This description left much to the imagination. My initial thought was T-Mobile simply wished to 'glom' some additional equipment onto the existing pole - which would defeat the purpose of disguising the antenna with palm fronds.

What was presented at today's meeting was that the pole is to be completely replaced, additional antennas and equipment added, all disguised with a faux pine/redwood tree. Additionally, ivy type foliage is to be added to the nearby equipment to disguise the large housing where the cell equipment is enclosed. This type information is critical, and paints an entirely different picture of the project.

The good news is there is a continuance for both projects until December 8th - absolutely necessary given information regarding both these proposed towers was not available to the community in a timely fashion. We received notice only last week, and there were no details available online or otherwise (that I could find) until the meeting this morning at City Hall. This would be unacceptable for any other construction project.

The Telecommunications Committee should be compelled to keep the community informed about the proliferation of these towers, and to have information available either online or at City Hall, well in advance of any review. The additional details and time allow the community to make rational, informed decisions.

More Telecom Trivia:

1. Within a four mile radius of my home, there are approximately 214 cell tower structures, ranging in height from 24-200 feet. There are over 500 stand alone cellular antenna within the same area.

2. There are cell towers installed at at Sea Aire Golf Course (a monopole palm tree) and Victor Park - the Sea Aire tower brings in $27,600.00 a year in revenue, which is returned to Torrance Park and Recreations Revolving Fund.

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