Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cell tower collapse

To quote a Torrance Telecommunication Commission member, "...cell towers don't just fall down...they're designed by engineers..."

Apparently, the cell tower in this video didn't get that memo.

Fortunately for this Maryland community, there were no buildings or people nearby. No one was hurt.

But what if this tower was installed adjacent to a preschool - say, no less than a few yards? Well, that's what T-Mobile proposes to do next to a Torrance preschool near Sepulveda Boulevard and Eriel Street. This is an additional project (SAT09-00014), not the collocation of a facility near Sepulveda and Arlington (SAT09-00013), which I mention in previous posts.

The preschool is a fixture in town - my son attended that preschool, as well as hundreds (thousands???) of children over the last 30 years. I have to question the wisdom of city officials. Who would think, for even a moment, that a tower at this location might be a good idea?

Even if I don't believe radiation or radio waves emitted from a tower like this are harmful, I would suspect that the perception is that having a giant, top-heavy antenna/tower right next to a preschool isn't smart on soooOOOOooo many levels.


MaryRuth said...

In 1965 (or thereabouts) vandals toppled the KNX radio tower next to Columbia Park by sawing through the base.
I hope they re-think this one so close to the school.

So Cal Peeper said...

ditto - let's hope common sense prevails.