Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The 'bottom' line - don't steal

The City of Torrance Police Department has a nice little Crime Log site where you can view all the horrendous criminal activity in Torrance.

In the continued search for meaningful posts, one small excerpt got my attention:

I can see it now -

"One Adam Twelve, One Adam Twelve, burglary suspect has brown hair, brown eyes, approximately 5'10", 165 pounds. Possible hemorrhoids."

The theft of the registration and insurance was just a ploy to cover up the real crime. Stealing a used butt pad sounds like a desperate cry for help, if you ask me. Perhaps we should feel sympathy for this individual - he may be the product of a annular-ly challenged home environment, or a Preparation H addict.

Do not judge this person unless you've walked a mile with his piles.

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