Thursday, June 25, 2009

Found a Kitty

I arrived home yesterday to find a furry neighbor moved under the Japanese yew outside our front door. Verbal cat, this one. Thin and very very hungry, it made short work of the 6 month old cat food I hadn't thrown out. The only thing it consumed faster was the bowl of water I proffered. I bought some wet food today, and the cat hoovered that down.

It hasn't left the old dog bed I put out for it, except to poop on my neighbors lawn (which my husband hurriedly picked up.) Watching it, I noticed he (or she) walked with a slight limp.

This was someone's cat. It's super friendly and social. Did someone just dump it? Did it run away? From the look and feel, it's been outdoors for awhile - I suspect fleas and malnutrition. Pretty though, a nice tabby, brownish/grayish with flecks of black.

My husband is adamant - no new pets. Frankly, I don't blame him. Our last cat cost us a bundle. This one looks like it's in need of some looking after. Besides, our dog would probably eat it.

So, what do I do? I hate to relegate it to the shelter - I suspect in this economy, she'd be another euthanized statistic. If I keep feeding it, it'll probably hang out and use the neighbors' lawn as her personal bidet - that is until the neighbors revolt. I've tried Craigslist and other online sites. I think most rescue places are full up with hordes of discarded animals. Besides, who would want to take on a loud gimpy kitty with fleas? Albeit a really nice gimpy kitty with fleas...

Any takers?


MaryRuth said...

The same thing happened here right around Christmas--we ended up with three strays in addiition to the one that's been hanging around the neighborhood longer than I've been here. They all looked like they had been someone's pet recently. I had heard that people having to move due to the economic situation have been abandoning their pets. I even called the Torrance Animal Control to see if he had noticed more abandoned animals (he said no).
We still have two of them hanging around...we feed them...they are way too skitterish to get close to. I hope things worked out with your cat.

Jill said...

As a cat owner (3 of the beasts), I have a tough time when I see strays in need of love and attention.
Sometimes a veterinarian can offer suggestions on what to do with a stray, but obviously friendly cat.
I go to Country Hills Animal clinic in the shopping center at Crenshaw and Rolling Hills Road.
They are very compassionate and, when I cared for a stray, gave me a discount on his bills.