Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bad Hair Cut

I'm a lazy slug, which is why there hasn't been much to write about.

If you scroll below, you'll note I wrote of a retro barber shop my dad goes to. I should follow my own advice, but hub prefers I cut his hair because it's free, the skin flint.

This 'hair-owing' tale should prove to him once and for all he should get his hair cut by a professional.

When I cut my husband's hair I do it in the backyard, which is very trailer trashy, but hey, it keeps hair out of the house. Our neighbors probably think they have Ma and Pa Kettle living next door. He sits on a step ladder while I cut away with my Conair clippers attached to a really long extension cord.

His hair looked like the punch line to that joke 'what's the difference between a good and bad haircut?' (2 weeks). In his case, it was more like a month...It was too long, and he was parting it on the side. He was unintentionally morphing into a sloppy Rod Blagojevich look alike.

With trusty electric clippers in hand, I started with the 3/4 inch comb attachment. I started by shortening the sides and back of this hair. We were chatting about nothing in particular, when I removed the attachment to clean the clippers. I combed his hair - the top was still long, as I hadn't yet trimmed it.

I was still chatting when I picked up the clippers and made two long swipes through his hair in the back. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to put an attachment back on. As I started cutting, I noticed the clipper sounded a little funny.

To my horror, I had cut two bald paths through the back of his head. I screamed.

My hub thought I was kidding. Unfortunately, I wasn't. He looked like Moe Howard if Curly had cut his hair.

Many men would go ballistic. He just asked if I thought I could fix it.

In the end, I had to cut it very, VERY, V-E-R-Y short. He looked a little too much like a survivalist minus the fatigues and the paranoia, but overall, it looked pretty good, and I just might cut it short again, especially during the summer.

When you cut someone's hair that short, certain details become apparent. I noticed he has a red birthmark on the back of his head, just like my son, and he's developed a funny little chubby speed bump on the back of his head near his neck.


MaryRuth said...

That's not trailer trashy! My mom cut my dad's hair in the backyard for years. Now, since she passed away, he's spending my inheritance going to a salon. I have to say, it does look better though.
That was a great story--good thing your hub is an understanding kind of guy!

So Cal Peeper said...

Yeah for backyard barbers!!!