Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mary Kris Mas!

Yup, I'm blogging on Christmas - it's actually because we have our big celebration on Christmas Eve. We eat like ravenous dogs, open our gifts and do a white elephant gift exchange, all in my tiny living room. Then we sleep in in on Christmas.

Favorite white elephant gift: the bikini clad rubber chicken.
Least favorite white elephant gift: the candles that my son got, after the potato spud gun he picked got stolen from him.

Cutest gift: my son got a tiny robot that walks around by radio control. It looks like a funny green bug.

Favorite gift food item: salty caramels from Trader Joes. Sounds weird, tastes great. Hopefully, my dental work holds out.

Anyway, drop a line to let me know what weird and wonderful stuff you got this holiday, and cheers!


john yang said...

I'm also hoping that my dental holds out because i got TWO BIG FAT Toblerones and I am weak.

I think I started a Christmas tradition of watching Christmas Vacation - it's such a great holiday movie.

My sister got a Nintendo Wii- and most of Christmas was... working out. haha

So Cal Peeper said...

OMG, I love toberlones.

After this holiday, I'll need a Wii Fitness. Right now, I'm thinking of the bowl of spinach dip in my fridge - it's calling out to me, argh!

MaryRuth said...

I got the coolest bracelet--it is made from resistors strung together. I'm a nerd.
Oh yeah, and a frying pan.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.