Saturday, December 27, 2008

After the holiday

Our (rather dull) days after Christmas:

My son rose at 6am to buy some video games at Game Stop - I suspect the buy-2-get-one-free would be the only reason he would get up at that ungodly hour. Then he and his dad assembled his new mega-microscope and spent some time gazing at blood and guts slides.

I took my mom shopping to spend her Trader Joe's gift cards, and to stock up on the special bread and gluten-free stuffs my dad eats. Then we hit Hoffs Hut for a gut busting lunch.

In the meantime, my hub was extraordinarily lazy. He really deserved it, as he rarely has any time to just hang out and do nothing. By the end of the day, he had perfected the slug fest. I think he succeeded in creating a new world record: eight straight hours of playing Tribal Wars. What's funny about that is at one time we all played this time waster. Hub is the only one to still maintain his empire - I think it's his innate managing abilities that has made him the most successful - I quit ages ago. But damn, it is high maintenance.

Last night we picked up Nick's friend Mat and they spent too much time hanging out and playing their new video games.

Against my better judgement, we went to the mall. Not too many great sales at Macys, which was a big disappointment. Old Navy was a big time waste of time. Now I know why I don't bother.

Today, we'll be going to a USC basketball game. We have eight tickets, and so far, only four of us are going. We have to find a group with as little to do as us. Postscript: Frank gave some of the tickets away to a scalper. What a guy.

No chestnuts roasting, snowman building, fireplace lounging, or caroling. Hope your post holiday was more fruitful than ours.

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