Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Used Bread Store

Okay, so technically, it's not really used. Maybe I should call it 'The Pre-Owned Bread Store".

Located on Sepulveda Boulevard, just east of Cabrillo, the Oroweat Baking Co. has an outlet where they sell the bread that doesn't sell in regular grocery store - I think the bread is what is not sold by the time new bread is delivered the next day. They also carry Entenmanns, Milton Breads, Boboli and an assortment of other baked goods.

On Sundays, the outlet sells bread for a buck a loaf - given bread can be 3-4 dollars a piece, its a pretty darn good deal, plus they throw in a freebie loaf. Their typical Sunday customers are retired people. And us.

There was another 'Used Bread Store' on Western Ave. in Torrance - the Webers Bread Outlet. My mom would drag, er, I mean, we'd walk there, and we'd buy stuff, to my absolute embarrassment. I thought, why can't she just buy bread at the regular store like everyone else?

In retrospect, humility was good for me. Honestly, there is no difference between the bread you buy at these places and the stuff at the grocery store, except for one day. The stuff sits longer on my refrigerator. My mom had successfully passed on her cheap genes to me. Thanks Mom!

My husband is as big a cheapskate as I am, and took (dragged) my son to the outlet today. Son wasn't thrilled about it until the checker informed them that they could get a FREE box of chocolate or glazed donuts. Whoopie!

We're not only cheap, but we get excited about free day old donuts.


Anonymous said...

We usually hit the Oroweat store on Sepulveda near El Segundo Blvd. Day-old bread is actually better for making stuffing and croutons and bread crumbs anyway. And day-old donuts, well... what you don't eat in the car on the way home would work fine in a bread pudding, maybe?

So Cal Peeper said...

I agree stale bread has its uses - I leave a couple of pieces of bread out overnight if I want to make french toast - it cooks up better and isn't soggy.

However, I find the bread I've bought at this place doesn't qualify as stale - frankly, I can't taste or see a difference.

As for those donuts - If I didn't know they were from the used bread store, I honestly couldn't tell. Not that I eat donuts a lot, but they were perfectly fine - soft, moist. Not hockey pucks.