Thursday, October 9, 2008

TUSD Dr. Mannon Y and Z Bond Measures

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This link shows some of the damage the new bond measures should address.

Typically, I hate bond measures, but Torrance schools are suffering from neglect not created by TUSD - there are schools in East LA that look better. With the housing market as bad as it is, the construction market isn't going to be all that great either - the school should get value now that contractors need their business.

My son does not attend a TUSD school even though we live in the district, but with that being said, I'm going to vote yes on both of these bond measures.

In the event the bond measures do not pass, TUSD should look at where the votes panned out - areas with a majority of 'no' votes should probably have their schools closed first. Second, areas with no new mass development - the neighbors having to live with increased traffic and congestion should get something for their trouble.

If you think your home values are tanking now, wait 'til they start closing your neighborhood schools.

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