Friday, October 17, 2008

Pocket Protectors!

My dad wore a pocket protector everyday. They were the kind of item you could buy for 15 cents at the local pre-mega stationery store. I think every aerospace employee (male) had one. In the 1960's they were as ubiquitous as the skinny tie and the short sleeve button down shirt.

By the 1990s they were rare indeed. I did buy one through the Archie McPhee catalog; however, it had a picture of a slug on it. My dad used it anyway.

The last one I found was part of a promotional goodie bag I got at the Gutenburg Festival, probably over 15 years ago. It was quite groovy, with the graphics done by designer Chuck Anderson.

Then nothing. My dad has been repairing his last vinyl protector with tape and staples.

Struck gold today at Office Depot. On clearance, for the whopping price of $0.50, a package of three clear vinyl protectors. I bought six packages. Dad will be pleased.

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