Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lowe's hits new low

I don't waste time despising retailers who treat customers like crap. I simply don't do business there. Or, I find someway to get even. In recognition of the substandard, crappy service received at the Lowe's Home Improvement Center conveniently located across the street from their competitor Home Depot at the Torrance Crossroads, here's something certain to show up on Google - LOWE'S SUCKS. Better still, LOWE'S BLOWS.

My in-laws purchased a BBQ grill on October 4th. Lowe's has a really REALLY big sign that claims that they assemble things, like said BBQ grill, for no charge. Free. According to the receipt, the assembled grill was ready for pick up on October 7th.

My in-laws returned to Lowe's on the 7th. Said grill was not assembled. They were told to return (this) Saturday, the 11th, to pick up the assembled grill. Because my elderly father-in-law is disabled, the hub and I went to Lowes today, Sunday - clearly one day after they had said the grill would be complete and ready for pick up.

After waiting for about 10 minutes at the customer service counter, a fella from the assembly department (I think) sauntered up and told us there were two assembled grills, but he wasn't sure which was ours. We gave him our receipt in hopes it would help to identify it. He spoke briefly with the customer service person, then sauntered back to wherever the assembly area was - apparently Lowes doesn't allow the help to use the phone line to communicate with other areas of the building, forcing them instead to walk the length of the store to ask questions.

Ten minutes (and one game of iPhoneTetris) later, he returned to say that, in fact, our grill wasn't assembled - actually, it wasn't there at all. However, we were welcome to pick out one of the assembled ones outside the store, although 'they have scratches on them'. At this point, my hub - who is smoldering - all 6'4" of him - accompanied the fella back to the assembly area. I continued my game of Tetris, knowing full well all was not going to end well.

Apparently, the Lowes zone manager told my hub that whomever authorized the 'free' assembly, shouldn't have, and they have a procedure for these things, and it wasn't followed, therefore it was somehow our problem/fault. Maybe my 80 year old father -in-law got the employee in a neck lock and compelled him to flaunt the procedure.

Obviously, it was also our fault no one noticed this on October 7th, either.

He told us to come back sometime next week, although he couldn't say when it would be done - of course my husband said that not only should they assemble it, but they should deliver it to my in-laws, especially after all the inconvenience.

No. Not going to happen.

Stuff like this really annoys my hub - he's a stickler. He trained people in customer service at his previous job, and he takes it very seriously. Needless to say, blaming the customer for an employee error didn't sit well with him. He told (not asked) the zone manager to write his name and store manager's name and number on a piece of paper, which he did, but only begrudgingly. Come to find out, the manager returns calls only on Tuesdays. No kidding.

45 minutes after our initial arrival, we left, empty handed. I wouldn't want to be that guy tomorrow. The Angry Sicilian is going to ruin his day.

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Anonymous said...

I feel very bad that a Zone Mgr. for the company I work for told a customer this. It is a known fact that "most" grills we carry come with free assembly. I am not sure about the more high end ones with the digital pads and infra red heating. I do know that it takes no more than a couple hours to assemble one, and in my case I would have either found someone competent enough to put it together or just do it myself to please the customer. My question would be "Where did the process break down here?" "Why did the assembly team not have the task done before the specified time?" "Who is responsible for the lack of follow up?" I sincerely hope that this one incident does not scar everyones view of Lowes as a company, only the poor example of management that was encountered here. We hold ourselved to the highest standards, and the customer is our number one priority. Let this serve as a lesson to any other associates that may read this.