Friday, September 12, 2008

Walker - Scandinavian Style

My dad is finally coming around, and will be purchasing a rolling walker.

Stubborn as he is, he has resisted walkers and has stuck with his little cane for the last several years. About a month ago, he took a tumble, and although he didn't break anything, he was sore for weeks. He suffers from neuropathy, and walks the way a toddler does.

After some gentle prodding, he agreed to go to the Home Health Care store in Old Torrance. We test drove several walkers - these aren't those old time aluminum numbers that you see with tennis balls on the feet - these things look something like a modified stroller/shopping cart. They come with baskets and seats, breaking systems and other accessories.

The biggest problem I had with them is none of them remained standing once you folded them up. They would tumble over, and I could just see an elderly person falling over a collapsed walker. Ouch. All had too many toggles, cheap construction, and tiny stroller-type wheels.

My dad preferred the walker with the large rubber wheels because it would work better outdoors. I had to agree, but I still thought the whole thing looked pretty ungainly, and poorly designed. Not to mention my mom almost fell trying to pick it up off the floor because it wouldn't stand on its own. We left without buying anything.

I hit the internet, my favorite shopping venue. After a few searches, I found the almost perfect walker.

Not only is this walker the coolest one I've seen, it's the best designed, it has features that I can't believe no one else has thought to include. For one, it stands when folded. It also has a nice little cane holder, which none of the ones we looked at had. It folds up with one hand, and the brakes self-adjust. The seat moves up and down with ease, and it adjusts easily - heck it's almost perfect!

Oh, it only had a little bag under the seat for holding stuff, which makes it less than perfect, as my parents would like to use it to go to the grocery store. Damn.

I hope I can talk them into it.

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Ettina said...

Can it still run properly with two big bags of groceries hanging on opposite sides? Try experimenting with various orientations and see, maybe you can fix the one problem with it.