Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trip, Continued

We said goodbye to Boston and headed toward Salem.

While in Salem, I recommend the 'Soup Factory' for a light lunch. Three guesses what their specialty is...

After an obligatory visit to the Witch Museum and the House of the Seven Gables, we decided to take a late night tour of Salem. It was...different. Our guide was a bit of a character, dressed like a pirate, and pulled off an English accent quite believably. His girlfriend accompanied him, I guess to ward off any witches (with a 'b').

Off to Albany.

My son insisted we stop at a beach somewhere along the way. This was a picturesque spot, but I was eaten alive by all manner of no-seeums, although no one else was. I was accused of making it up, that is, until they saw the giant welts spring up all over my legs and arms.

We read about Howes Cave at our hotel, and figured, why not. It didn't disappoint. Most large caves I've been to were in state or national parks. Howes Cave is privately owned, but they've been conducting tours for almost 100 years. It was discovered by a local farmer's cows - they used the original entrance as a kind of air conditioner. The tour took about 1.5 hours - lots of spectacular formations, and a small underground river where we enjoyed a short boat ride.

Cooperstown. Baseball. If we could only make one stop, at least for the hub, this would be it. Quaint, picturesque town on Lake Otsego. You'll like it even if you're not crazy about baseball.


While in Cooperstown, we didn't eat at the Foo Kin restaurant. We weren't in the mood for any Foo Kin chinese food.

After a visit with relatives in Albany, our last unscheduled stop was to the Stone Bridges, which is a very lovely and secluded spot with caves, sparkling streams and all the scenery you can handle. If your kids love fossils as much as mine does, the great gift shop chock full of all manner of fossils, rocks and minerals was worth the price of admission.

By the way, if you're ever in Albany, make sure to try a Boston Shake at the Tastee Freeze.

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