Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boston Trip

Our big vacation for the year was a 10 day trip to Boston and vicinity, with a stop over in Albany, NY, the hub's old home town.

The Westin had very nice fluffy beds and linens. This by far was my favorite hotel, even though it was a bit off the beaten track. We had to walk a lot to get anywhere, until we figured out how to get around on the subway.

We did the obligatory Freedom Trail walk. An old cemetery -

Little Italy - a small fiesta was going on.

We had to sample the wares.

High-five to Revere.

Nahas? I used to work at Nahas Department store in Gardena. My friend Suzanne worked the shoe department. Coincidence?

At the Public Gardens we took a trip on the Swan Boats - our paddle boat operator looked so enthusiastic, I had to snap his picture. I was thinking this job would be great for your butt and thighs.

A trip on the subway took us to this little podunk school - I think they call it Harvard. We didn't see any cahs pahked in the Yahd. However, I did snap this photo of a punk kid in a USC shirt - the nerve. One comment: Don't eat on campus - the burrito I had at the Science building was dry. (USC does have better food.)

Harvard's Natural History Museum was a nice diversion when we finally located it - I highly recommend the glass flowers collection, which is absolutely amazing.

Right down the road from MIT on the Charles River is the superb Museum of Science. We spent the whole day there. They have a math exhibit designed by Ray and Charles Eames, and their electrical exhibit is, well, electrifying - their Van de Graaf generator is the world's largest, and designed by The Man himself.

Impress your friends: What do you call glass made from a lightning strike? Fulgurite. The sample here is something like 25 feet long.

One last trip to the New England Aquarium.

From Boston we moved onto Salem, famous for witches and the mansion in the Parker Brothers' game "Clue". More to come.


Anonymous said...

Well this has nothing to do with the current blog but I thought I would leave you these links none the less. These are two videos on Youtube that have "South Bay" theme. One is a trip down Vermont Ave. from the Griffith Observatory to Pt. Fermin...

and the other is just about the South Bay...

I just thought you might be interested.

Tony K said...

hi i tried to send this once and i don't think it went but if it did just ignore this. i am writing a novel and i make a quick reference to nahas department store in Gardena where my mom, Rose Krikorian used to work and i forgot how to spell nahas ( which if you are reading this, is not unuusal for me) so i ggogle it and notice the "I used to work at nahs..." line and i thought i write and say looks like you had a fun trip but was wondering if you knew my mom. rose, she work in lingerier alot. anywas thanks for the memory Michael Krikorian