Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Ultimate Cookie

One of my husband's relatives makes The Best Cookie In The World.

The Cookie is the Ultimate Good. They are so absolutely amazingly great, so scrumptiously perfect, I've witnessed people debasing themselves to get more. Once, another relative stole them from a wedding we attended - he started stuffing them into his pockets. The mother-of-the-bride (who is the Originator of these heavenly confections) complained to us, as did almost every other person in attendance. People were willing to come to blows over these cookies.

I kept a low profile because he shared his stash with me.

Those cookies are the nearest thing to heroin. Or crack. Or meth. Once you've had one, you're hooked. The mere mention of the word 'cookie' sends me into withdrawals.

Allegedly, she shared this recipe with other family members. Don't you believe it. In spite of many attempts at baking The Best Cookie, no one has ever produced as fine and luscious a treat as the Originator - I've concluded she's left something out of the recipe. And who can blame her - It would be like the inventor of cold fusion giving away the patent.

I've been so frustrated by The Best Cookie In The World recipe, I submitted the concept of a falsified recipe to the Verbotomy people.

While we were in Boston this summer, we heard of a bakery in Little Italy section of town - we scurried there in hopes of finding a reasonable facsimile.

Nothin. Just some cheap imitations posing as The Cookie. Heartbreak, again.

Somehow, some day, somewhere!


Anonymous said...

Can you give a description of what this cookie of ultimate good has in it? Chocolate chip,sugar, oatmeal etc?

So Cal Peeper said...

It's not your typical chocolate chip or snickerdoodle or fudge confection. It's not sold anywhere, sadly.

If you look at it, it's a thick white cookie with a thin layer of icing. It's almond flavored - not with cheap extract either, but there are no nuts. It's not chewy or crisp, rather it's a soft, savory cookie that's absolutely fantastic with coffee. Or milk. Or alone. The texture isn't typical, because it's not too cakey or gummy - hard to describe. But wonderful.