Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Onolicious Spam Musubi

Spam Musubi is a family favorite. It's easy to make - you can even use the Spam can if you can't find a musubi maker at your local Japanese market; however, you have to remove the bottom from the can, which ain't easy.

My son would eat these things daily if I let him. They're great at picnics and for lunch boxes because they keep well and they're good clean finger food.

1. The furikake is optional - kids sometimes don't like it. You can also just sprinkle it between the spam and the rice.
2. You can add sushi no ko to the rice, which is the powdered vinegar often used with sushi rice. I don't do this, but I might try it sometime.
3. Some people add a little shoyu and sugar to the spam while it's cooking to add a little carmelized sweetness.
4. Not all nori (seaweed) is created equal - some of the cheap stuff is very tough and hard to bite through. Stick with the good quality Japanese stuff.
5. If you refrigerate the musubis, you'll have to nuke it for a half a minute to soften the rice. Typically, it's made to eat the same day, and of course, it's usually so popular, there are no leftovers.

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