Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Armonium, sort of

Nicest thing you'll hear all day!

Get out those old dusty wine goblets, and play along. (Click on the "video" to watch...)


MaryRuth said...

Wow, this guy is good! In Quebec City, there is an Esplanade below the Hotel Frontenac, overlooking the St. Lawrence River. On summer evenings it is a very popular place to hang out and there are many street performers to watch.
One guy had a set-up like this with the glasses. We enjoyed watching him...until a rainstorm arrived! He was freaking out that all his glasses would "de-tune"!

Deborah Main said...

I have never blogged before so I don't really know what I'm doing, but here goes. I am trying to contact the person who has all the vintage souvenir scarves up on her blog. I am beginning to collect these and I wanted to know if you still have any for sale. I want to buy some if you do. Please contact me at Thank you, Deborah Main