Monday, March 31, 2008

Taggers are Gay

Well, that's what my son says, anyway.

There has been a rash of tagging along Arlington Ave., between Sepulveda Blvd and Previously-Hull Middle School. The perps are a couple of individuals whom the Torrance P.D. refer to as members of a 'clique' - read immature unsupervised group of kids posing as a gang, but aren't really. The tags should be gone by today.

I have a couple comments for the taggers.

MAC (MACF, MAC29): If you're out there, I hope your mom grounds you 'til you're 30, and someone etches their names on the windows and doors of your first car - that is, after you've gotten your drivers permit.

K Whatever-the-hell-your-initials-are: Improve your penmanship, and take a look at real typography in the video I've posted below. Good typography "communicates... with skill and imagination". Your scrawl is seriously lacking in both regards.

AKR or ARK or whatever?: I've never heard of a tagger using lipstick (or is it nailpolish?) as their preferred medium. You may be an original - are you a girl or a cross dresser?

Thirdly, to the parents of these kids: If you don't want to spend your end of days languishing in the Nursing Home of the Damned, I suggest you start supervising your kids, or they'll end up in jail, unable to support you in your old age.

Update: The tagging was removed within an hour of writing this post.

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MaryRuth said...

I love, love, love the film! Brought me back to the good old days--I went to a trade school and studied printing. I used to set type by hand make hot lead slugs and the whole bit. No computers back then.
Have you seen the "Helvetica" movie? I bought it for my BF as a joke xmas gift (he's a graphics guy and hates Helvetica)...we haven't gotten around to watching it yet though! Maybe this weekend =)
Yeah, taggers suck. Glad to know TPD is so dedicated to getting rid of that stuff, every time I call, it is gone the next day.