Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Problem with Pigeons

We've been having an ongoing problem with pigeons. Not so much the pigeons really, but the loads of guano they leave behind.

They've been around, but lately they've multiplied and are now roosting on the high tension wires in front of our home. Park a car there overnight, and by morning, it's been firebombed with pigeon splat that covers the hood, windows, roof and trunk. It's quite amazing how much a sleeping bird can poo.

It's much worse than in years past.

The real problem is two fold. For several years, pigeons roosted in the attic of a home across the street. This house was owned by a couple going through a divorce, and it sat empty for several years. When it was finally sold, the attic was abated, but the pigeons managed to find other roosting sites to squat, and they've been here ever since.

The second ongoing problem is the little old lady a few doors down that loves pigeons. She provides fresh water and food, and the pigeons spend their days noshing and socializing in her front yard. If you walk the dog/kids by her home, you have to run to avoid any new hair accessories. Small children like to examine the white and green splats as you try to drag them quickly through the poo encrusted guantlet.

My husband is planning an intervention this weekend. He's hoping, with the help of an with an older neighbor, to try to convince her to stop being so altruistic - good luck, dear!

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