Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pigeon Saga, cont.

I hope this is the last we'll see of our feathery poo generators.

My husband used a non-polluting, cruelty-free, wonderfully clever method of ridding our power lines of pigeons.

No birds were harmed, although they were shaken up, a bit.

One gentle tap with one heavy duty sledge hammer to the base of telephone pole, and voila, the vibrations drove the flying hordes away. They returned a few minutes later, however, one additional tap, and they took up housekeeping elsewhere. We observed them sleeping on a power line a couple blocks away. They're probably pooing on someone else's vehicle as I write this.

Only time will tell if the poo pests are history.


MaryRuth said...

That's incredible! Keep us posted if they return or not. Did your hubby end up having to talk to the neighbor?

So Cal Peeper said...

Fortunately, he didn't. They haven't returned, as of this evening. If they do, we know what works best!

She's a sweet old lady, and I'm not sure how she'd react, frankly. I was afraid she'd get upset.