Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back from the dead

In the event anyone had noticed, I haven't written for my blog in quite some time.

February had been an eventful month, and I didn't have the energy nor the inspiration to write anything.

With the onset of Daylight Savings, I've felt re-energized. Hopefully, I'll keep going and going, and end my sluggery.

Is that a word?

Science fair is over, so it's safe to relate an experience that I don't want a repeat of, at least 'til next year. The project itself was uneventful - my son did alot of work, but the experiment/typing was condensed into a harrowing week and a half because of a little glitch called the US/Canadian postal services.

I ordered some chemicals from a Canadian company on February 1. The last week of February was in full swing, and the package still hadn't arrived. I was sweating bullets, as the project was due March 4. I ended up overnighting an additional kit, at the tune of $50. When the original order finally showed up, I noticed it was stamped 'air mail'.

I suspect it was taped to the back of a messenger pigeon that was shot down over Montana - hence it's belated arrival.

Postscript: He won a first place ribbon, which was nice.

My advice - if you plan on doing an experiment involving these chemicals, have them shipped Priority.

In other news...

My dad ended up in the hospital for a few days - his blood pressure had dropped precipitously, and he had flu like symtoms, stomach discomfort and no appetite. The doctor was surprised he had walked unassisted into the office - I think his pressure was 76/45. They rushed him into emergency.

They pumped him full of antibiotics and fluids, and almost immediately he felt better. Ate two meals at the hospital, and then asked for an enchilada on the way home. At 85, he needs to be a little more careful, don't you think?

Let's see, what else...

My hub brought home a little toy called a Flip Video - it's a handy little camera that has its own USB plug that you hook right into your 'puter. Very simple and uncomplicated. I've made a couple of little movies with the help of iMovies (although the camera has it's own software loaded into the camera.) It's perfect for me, because it only holds 1 hour of footage - it forces you to do something with it, so it doesn't sit in the camera forever. iMovie is great for editing the raw footage.

My son and his friend have taken up filmmaking, and have made their own videos, with the help of this handy little device (only $150.) He's posted one on his own blog. The plan for today is to film another.

Baseball season is in full swing, and I've taken on the task to become scorekeeper. I don't feel confident enough to be the official scorekeeper, but I'm getting better with each game.

Someone explain to me why 'Strike out Watching' is represented by 'KC', and a 'Walk' is called 'Base on Balls' (BB).

No wonder foreigners think this game is confusing.

The hard part is when there's several plays going on at once. I get caught up in the moment and forget I'm supposed to be tracking all the excitement, not cheering. Takes all the fun out of it.

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