Thursday, February 21, 2008

Science Fair Thee Well

It's that time again. 

My son's science fair project is about the effect acid has on lead contamination. Pretty heady stuff, but at least relevant.

First, he had to find a legitimate lead testing kit that would work, which he did - The Lead Inspector  was given a thumbs up by Consumer Reports.  However, since it comes from Canada, it's taking a long time to get here, and I'm starting to sweat.

The next hurdle will be locating some ceramics or vinyl products that actually have lead in them - vintage ceramics and lead crystal fit the bill, but locating toxic toys is harder than you may think. We'll be hitting dollar and thrift stores this week.

I try not to think of all the other things he has to do, or I'll go nuts, and it'll rub off on him, poor thing. What, with baseball, basketball, (2 leagues), trombone, a speech he has to write, homework, and this project looming, it's a lot to juggle. 

He shall overcome.

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