Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vampire Fruit

We've been enjoying our blood oranges. This is the first year we've had a goodly crop since we planted the tree five years ago. They're tart and sweet and very yummy - much more flavorful than the typical store bought valencia.

Blood oranges are common in Italy, but I think the name turns off people here. I've heard them referred to as 'raspberry oranges' but I like the shock value of the word 'blood', and when ripe, the flesh is deep, dark red. The photo above is actually quite a bit pinker than the actual fruit. I cut up one of our tangerines for comparison.

I think I've averted a bad cold this season due to eating this fruit regularly - lucky for all of us, citrus is in season.

The vay I like to eat them is to slice them in quarters and suck the blood, er, juice out.

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