Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Post Holiday Blues, sort of

I always pack up the holidays by New Years.

My neighbors are probably rejoicing that the circa 1970's giant plastic illuminated candles that flanked the garage are gone.

There are some left over presents - these are repeatedly poked at by my son who thinks he's entitled to any leftovers. They'll eventually get to their intended giftee.

I've washed the decorative christmas rugs, tea towels and santa apron and stuck them in the linen closet.

The tree is packed away, the decorations are safely in boxes - except for one I noticed hanging from a shrub. Dammit, there's always that orphan ornament that doesn't make it back into storage. I may get sick of looking at it - if I don't it may hang there 'til next Christmas.

Ziplock bags house the last remnants of Christmas cookies - my husband pulls out a few every night to nibble on with his coffee.

What remains of the holidays is the five extra pounds we've all gained, but the house is pretty much back to normal. When school starts tomorrow, I can say the holidays are officially over. I've allowed my son's best friend to sleep over tonight, so at least they go back to the salt mines together.

It's a little sad. The glitz is gone, and the parties are over. But honestly, I'm looking forward to an empty house.


MaryRuth said...

I LOVE those candles! I bought one this year for my yard as well as one of those plastic Santa heads for over the garage. We're still plowing through the cookies here too.

So Cal Peeper said...

I saw your pictures - I have a soft spot for those old blow molded decorations.