Saturday, January 19, 2008

Megan's Law Creepfest

Every so often I feel compelled to check out the Megan's Law website to see if Chester the Molester has moved into the neighborhood.

Each offender's location is marked with a little blue box on the site's map. After I ogled the unsavory photos and made mental notes of their offenses (lewd acts with person under 14, rape, etc.) and distinguishing marks, I noticed a larger blue box on the site map, on Western Ave, just south of Artesia, on the Gardena/Torrance border.

It appears, from my knowledge of the area, to be hotel. It's also home-sweet-home to eleven offenders.

The rational side of me knows these guys (mostly guys) have to live somewhere. This place is probably as good as it gets - it's flanked by a gas station, a trailer park, stores, fast fooderies, and a storage facility. There aren't any grade schools around (that is, not too close), and the nearest public park is in Torrance, several blocks away.

The other hysterical side of me wants them rounded up and shipped off to an underground bunker in Siberia with their private parts permanently sealed into a block of concrete. Or worse.

Frankly, it's going to give me the creeps to go to the Marukai and the Albertsons across the street where my parents do their shopping. And I don't think I'll be dropping into the Wendy's ever again - well, not that I ever did.

Ignorance was bliss.

Additional mental note: do NOT under any circumstances leave kids unattended in the vehicle...


Jill said...

It's a scary world when you can't even go get a Frosty without worrying.

So Cal Peeper said...

In May of 2008, 4 months after I wrote about Motel Hell in my blog, the news media finally saw fit to report this place. (and, now we know why there's 'nasty' in Dynasty...)