Thursday, December 27, 2007

Simplify, simplify

I purchased my own blog name so I could simplify the address. Previously, was always at the tail end of the address, which made the whole thing so long that I couldn't even remember it.

Now, the official address is

Mucho easier to remember!


Jill said...

Cool. How do you do that and, if you don't mind the nosyness, how much does that cost?

So Cal Peeper said...

I had done this for a friend of mine who's on a completely different setup with 'Typepad'.

However, Blogger has a nice walkthru for setting up a domain and DNS:

I purchased my domain thru GoDaddy and it's around $10 a year, depending on whether it's a .com or .net or one of the other options.

Once you go thru the steps, it takes a couple of days before it actually changes. Good luck!