Sunday, December 9, 2007

Landmark Camelot Drugs Closing

One of the last themed commercial buildings in the South Bay is closing its doors. Located next to a Big Lots store at 2159 Pacific Coast Highway in Lomita, Camelot has been selling medicines, gifts, cards and money orders for at least (from its appearance) 40 years.

Although to many Camelot Drugs is just another strip mall eyesore, I've always had a fondness for the castellation motif, and the uncial script sign. The interior harkens back to another time and place when stores weren't sterile, and the employees were long standing neighbors and friends. I suspect the plethora of CVS and Walgreens on every street corner spelled doom for this medieval drugstore.

My guess is it will be replaced by something less chivalrous.


Anonymous said...

Might it be replaced by a Round Table Pizza?

So Cal Peeper said...

You may know something I don't - it's a pretty big store.