Saturday, December 29, 2007

Catch of the Day

It rarely gets cold here in So Cal, but the last week has been chilly. I imagine it was even colder on a fishing boat off the coast of Redondo Beach where father and son spent several hours breaking in Nick's new fishing pole and reel.

Report from Nick - this was the most fun fishing so far. Fun? He caught ONE FISH.

I'm told it's called a Blacksmith Perch, and because it's so small, it can't be fillet'd. It will probably feed Nick. Maybe.
Fortunately, some nice people took pity and gave them some bass fillets and an additional perch, so the rest of us - especially the cook - won't starve.

Apparently, the fish didn't like the cold weather any better than the shivering masses on the fishing boats, so no one caught very many fish, except two asian men who caught more than everyone else combined.

I told Frank he needed to figure out what they were doing right. Frank said his line got tangled a lot, so his fishing time was in knots, so to speak. He claimed his hooks were too big since they got lots of nibbles, but those sneaky fish managed to eat all the squid without getting hooked.

Sounds like a fish story to me.

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