Thursday, November 15, 2007

Taste of Torrance, Cool House

I've always liked this house - it could use a little TLC, but I just love the butterfly overhang, two PV stone chimneys (count 'em), the sputnik light, and even the privacy fence - I'm a sucker for this kind of mid century home, even when they put green indoor/outdoor carpet on the front steps. If I were braver, I'd ring the doorbell and ask for a tour.

I felt a little icky photographing it - I didn't want anyone to think I was staking it out. But it's the only house quite like it in this area, so I overcame my anxiety.

I did it because, sadly, another favorite home of mine was torn down - it just broke my heart. The stately old home was located on Van Ness Blvd, just north of Artesia Blvd. It was an old farm house, across from what use to be a dairy. They'll probably put two ugly stucco faux mediterranean/tuscan/villas there. Mark my words.

I was lucky enough to capture the original home on my cell phone camera - when I figure out how to download it, I'll post it. I realized that if you like an old home or building, and you live in Los Angeles county, you'd better get a picture of it, because chances are, it'll get torn down.

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