Monday, November 5, 2007

The Gewgaw, Pitalito Timana, or Colombian Bus Lines

This is a little hand made terra cotta bus I picked up at a flea market many years ago. It's a broken down, albeit it colorful, bus loaded to the gills with people - including two men sitting on the bumper (one playing the guitar). The top of the bus is packed with fruit, bananas, sacks of coffee, gas, baskets, sodas, and even a little pig. The driver is looking under the hood. Everyone inside looks very patient. This is obviously no American bus.

Maybe someone can translate the words written on the side: Carzon Timana Pitalito, Colombia Teinvita, Pitalito Huila, Colombia Queriya.

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Anonymous said...

This a loca "chicken" bus that runs in the Dept of Huila, Colombia. Pitalito and Garzon are two mid sized cities, and Timana is a smaller town in between. Beautiful area. Bus craftwork like this is very common in Colombia.