Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Gewgaw, Cache of pulp paperbacks

I don't collect paperbacks, but I ran across a bunch of these at the local thrift store and couldn't resist - I'm selling them on ebay for next to nothing.

I have a friend who's had the hots for Richard Chamberlain since he was in the mini series 'The Thornbirds'. She'd kill for this 'wallet sized photograph'.

Kildare's arch nemesis:

Good morning Mr. Phelps -You ever seen a grown man naked?

I preferred Debbie Reynolds in this role:

Sandra Dee was too cloying. And what the heck is she doing on that fence???

I really dig the crazy font on this book. I don't remember this show too much - I watched 'Time Tunnel'...I really liked Lee Meriweather.

Just try to ignore the phallic symbolism here.

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