Saturday, October 6, 2007


I love Halloween. On October 1, I hauled out all the Halloween decorations and put them out.

The smell of fall in the air drives me to thrift stores in search of pieces that will make the perfect costume. Not for me, of course, for my son. And this year, my son and his friend. They're dressing as the Blues Brothers.

If I bought or rented these costumes, I'd pay alot, and they would look cheap - or something wouldn't fit, especially since Jake and Elwood are usually more popular with the adult crowd, and not two 6th graders, one who weighs about 70 pounds, the other 130.

Two years ago, I put together a knight costume from the following: One woman's thriftstore blouse/pajama top, one sparkly disco tank top, one pair of my capri leggings, one pair of thrift store boots, my studded belt, toy shield and sword, and one drawing of King Arthur's coat of arms. The disco tank was the 'chain mail', and the blouse was the tunic.

The year before that, it was Indiana Jones. I found everything at the thrift store - very cool felt/leather hat, leather shoulder bag, leather holster, leather jacket, even a whip. It looked (polish my nails on my shirt) fantastic.

This year had its challenges. I had to find two black suits, two thin black ties, two 'fedoras' and two pair of matching sunglasses. The challenge? I'm cheap. At least they both had black pants and a white button-down shirt. The hats and glasses were the easy part. I snagged two of each at the Party America store. Total price: $17. Those were the most expensive purchases, but I knew there was no way I was going to find two real (and cheap) fedoras, and what kid is going to want to wear someone's old glasses with nose grease and sleepy crumbs on them?

I bought two black suit jackets for less than $3 each - one at the Salvation Army, and one at Discount Center. One is actually from the 1960's. I found one black tie so far - $0.99. It's about 1.5" thick at the widest part. I found another at Goodwill, but they wanted $3 - hey, I bought a suit jacket for that price, I wasn't about to drop that much for a tiny strip of fabric. I'm still looking.

Of course, during my costume search, I turned up a wrought iron black cat. I've decorated it with purple lights. I'll be putting it outside sometime during the coming weeks. In the meantime, it's keeping the other two cats on my fireplace company.

I have some thoughts for posting this month, my favorite of all the non-summer months. More Halloweenish stuff to come.

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