Friday, October 26, 2007

Dead Trees

There are two dead trees on the corner.

When pine trees die, they become tree-shaped bombs. If they catch fire, they'll explode and send out flaming pine needle shrapnel.

These are two very dead pine trees - they've been brown and crispy for months. I suspect the lack of water did them in. They straddle three telephone poles, and overhang the apartment building - I suspect over the years they've dropped nice big piles of dead needles on the roof. Makes you feel all warm and cozy at night just thinking about it.

Like a bad neighbor, I've called the Evironmental Department at Torrance City Hall - I was directed there by the fire department. I felt really bad calling the fire department to bitch about a couple of dead trees when they've been risking their lives fighting hell-on-earth this past week. I was probably just another paranoid crazy in a line of paranoid crazies.

They're right. I own my nutty. Overgrown kindling bugs the hoo-ha outta me.

Everytime I drive by the dead twins, I give them the evil eye. I should be giving the absentee owner the evil kick-in-the-butt for having neglected them for so long. There isn't a good excuse for the neglect these two trees have suffered. They've never been very attractive, but at one time, they were sort of green. The drought has pretty much taken its toll on what remained of their good looks. This, and maybe a pine bark beetle or two.

My next stop: Southern California Edison. I like their 'no prisoners' attitude - they don't like trees that threaten their lines. They may not get over here for a couple of weeks, but they will come, and they will eventually remove the dead duo.

In the meantime, I'll continue to watch the pitiful pair, and hope for the best.


Jill said...

I had a palm tree in my back yard that was growing right up next to a power pole and eventually into the power lines.
I called Edison about it and they said they would send a crew out to "take care of it."
That meant lopping off the top of the tree so that it no longer was in the power lines and leaving most of the trunk there.
The bad part is that palm trees die when you cut the top off of them.
So now I have a dead, dried out palm tree in my yard, sitting just under the power lines.

So Cal Peeper said...

You should contact them again and tell them they killed the palm tree and its a fire hazard and they need to remove it.

Jill said...

You know, after I wrote this comment, I went back and looked at that tree.
The very top fronds - dryand brittle fronds - are touching the wires again.
I think the wires are sagging.
I think it IS time to call Edison out once more.