Monday, October 15, 2007

Coffins I like

I know this is a little macabre, but what the hey - it's almost Halloween.

My idea of a good funeral is being buried for less than the cost of an expensive meal. I don't want strangers handling me, shooting me up with formaldyhyde, sewing my eyes shut, and putting bad makeup on my face. Nor do I want to be hermetically sealed until my festering gasses explode. Just burn me up, good and proper.

However, I might consider these as possible candidates for my final containment.

"...a tisket, a tasket, I'm buried in a basket..."

Just. Plain. Cool. Would keep it in the garage, and only wipe it with a diaper.

"Fra-gee-lay..." And I would demand they pack me in excelsior with a leg lamp.

Just like Tutankamon! Except cardboard.

Completely biodegradable and 100% groovy.

I decided to live it up - I urned it.

Must be Shaq's.

Finding Nemo - and a little surprise.

And finally...

What, no triple word score?

1 comment:

Mimi said...

Why would you think of doing a blog on coffins? It's a tiny bit abnormal!