Thursday, September 27, 2007

Taste of Torrance, Wilson Park McCondos

Last week's Taste was the good, this week it's the bad and the ugly.

These pictures are only a partial view of the massive infestation currently going on near Wilson Park. The name? The Village on Oak-Acacia. I sincerely doubt there are oaks or acacias anywhere near here. The developer, Standard Pacific Homes, is located in Irvine, a planned community where they're used to rack n' stack development in strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

I've included a Mapquest arial view of the abomination, before construction - the pink outline gives you an idea of the size of the project. Note that the 44 acre Wilson Park is the green area to the south.

In April of this year, a fire burnt some parts of the project, but unfortunately, construction continues, dammit.

If you thought the commute on Crenshaw Blvd. was already awful, especially on Tuesday, just wait until these cracker boxes fill up. And get ready for an influx of commuters into the surrounding residential neighborhoods as they attempt to avoid the traffic nightmare that will soon become a reality.

As a side note, our planning commission has its eye on the Roadium property on Redondo Beach Blvd. as a possible "high density" development site in the future...


Jill said...

I just drove by this development earlier today.
I go by about once a week.
I had no idea it was so big. The aerial you showed puts it in a better perspective.
You know, I generally try to avoid the Wilson Park area on Tuesday and Saturday unless I am going to the farmers market.
Heck, I generally try to avoid Crenshaw entirely.
As I was driving over there today I was thinking "Who would want to love right here next to all these industrial type businesses on this ugly little street?"
I guess they figure once you get behind the gates and get into the nice landscaping, it doesn't much matter what the street outside looks like.
Any idea who much these things go for?

So Cal Peeper said...

I'm hoping the residents won't start complaining about the Farmers Market.

I put a link to the company who is responsible.

kwpershey said...

Wow... I had no idea how huge it would be. At least it will be good for the farmers market... assuming the new residents opt to patronize it rather than complain about it.

So Cal Peeper said...

When the city was contemplating the zone change for this property, it was only required to send out notices to businesses and homes located w/in 300 feet of the boundary of this property, plus one notice in the Breeze. If you look at the map, that would include a large church, a few businesses, the high school, Wilson Park and parking lot, the post office, and the handful of homes that fall within that 300 feet. So although the whole project impacts the entire city, only very few people were originally notified. Here lies the problem.

Anonymous said...

n 973Look how dishonest you are! You draw the pink lines as if the condos were being built across the railroad tracks, on the Wilson Park parking lot and over industrial buildings on neighboring parcels! Doesn't bother you that you can't make a cogent argument without lying to people?

So Cal Peeper said...

The lines were based on the drawings and flyer sent out to residents in 2007. So you're a bit late with your comment. By about 5 1/2 years.