Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Last one in is a Freemason!

While searching the You Tube site for Torrance videos that I could post, I came across a video called 'Group Stalking Torrance, CA'. I watched a short, blurry vid of some cars driving into a parking lot. I think the location is just west of the Torrance Airport near Torrance Memorial Hospital. The poster of this video claimed she and her daughter were being followed by a gang. She never explained why.

Another blurry video I found showed a guy shopping at the Whole Foods Market in Torrance. He had a hidden camera, and claimed a woman in the video was stalking him, and giving hand signals to the cashier. Unfortunately, the first 90% of the video is jumpy jittery random footage.

Of course, I had to persue and investigate this titilating concept of 'group stalking' or 'gang stalking'. Several vids came up in my search. Appparently, there are those who believe that groups of people - not just a single gang, but a collective of many gangs, go around and stalk and harass certain individuals. These gangs include (but are not exclusive to) persons from police and fire departments, white supremecist gangs, inner city gangs, Freemasons, Islamic organizations, terrorist organizations, Jews, Catholics, and of course, Jesuits (why not Franciscans, I wonder?). These groups are not in collusion with each other; often they operate independently; each group is told something different about the target individual by either a) the government, b) Freemasons, and/or Catholics c) all of the above. Allegedly, people are not only stalked, but attacked with electromagnetic or invisible electronic weaponry.

Keep browsing, and you'll notice that, according to these people, everything, (and I mean EVERYTHING) is controlled by the Freemasons and/or occultists. Secretly, Freemasons are hiding their nefarious symbols in buildings, corporate logos, and money. Who knew that basic geometric shapes - the circle, square, star, and triangle - were harbingers of evil, and I, as a designer, was duped into using these mysterious and dangerous shapes, brainwashed by these satanic organizations.

And I thought they were just shapes. Silly me.

I've determined that these people need to get back on their meds, and quickly. In the meantime, they should watch this and this, and loosen up, Jerry.


Anonymous said...

This "gang stalking" concept is crazy! Anyone that believes its true must be equally insane! I mean, come ON! Next they will be telling us some guy invaded a bunch of countries in Europe in the late 1930's. Or that he , I dunno, gassed a couple million Jews. Or, no wait, heres one even MORE crazy! The president of the U.S. like, starts invading a bunch of middle east nations. Yeah, or something nutty like that. Because everyone KNOWS we live in a civilized world and all, and there have NEVER been organized groups feeding on society. Next they will be telling us the American economy will slide into a depression and gold will hit $1000 an ounce, or the FBI will get caught snooping on people without warrants! Damn crazy people, put 'em all in camps I say.

So Cal Peeper said...

Hmmm. I guess I must be crazy, not the person who thinks a random bunch of strangers are following them for no reason.

Sorry, but I don't equate the well documented mass extermination of Jews with the ravings and paranoia of an unstable mind...

I suspect you probably also believe 1) Paul is dead, 2) Reptilians are in the White House, and 3) Man never landed on the moon.

Which puts you in the sorry category of nutbag.

Abovetheheavens said...

Work got graffitid by group with initials on door, girlfriend recieved anonymous harassing phone calls and had bank tampered with, psycho stalker applied twice at workplace, tresspassed on home property, spotted stalking at public event. Proxy came into workplace to harass me. Perp installed surveillance software on home computer. Researched perpetrator, ties to Freemasonry. All documented nicely. There is no argument, you are just uninformed, the people down at the national center for victims of crime are very up to date on the use of technology to stalk. Stalking is a felony.

Unknown said...

in response to anonymous comment : i say plz get the pole out of your.. and instead of showing how ignorant and stupid you are get your ass out there find some one that claims having the same problem and follow that person paying attention to the stuff that individual consideres to be proof.but before you do this try to clear your mind of the trash you swallowed to be your reality

Anonymous said...

The author of this post is a disinfo agent