Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's not just a job

My dad served in the Navy during WW2.

He joined up, like many guys, because of Pearl Harbor. At 19 years old and 125 pounds, he joined because of a sense of duty toward his country at a time of war. Lucky for him, most of his service was right here in California. During his stint in the Navy, he learned metalurgy and surveying, was editor for the base newspaper, ran the movie house, got a tattoo, and went to China, where he met my mom.

Fast forward 65 years. While trolling the internet, I discovered the California Military Museum site. They offer to interview WW2 vets and archive the transcript. I emailed them, and to my surprise and delight, they offered to send someone to interview my dad. A nice man, Lt. Carlos, did the interview yesterday. The transcript will be saved in a database in San Diego. and shared with UCLA, the History Channel, and high school students.

According to Lt.Carlos, it gives students a glimpse into what it takes to wage war. For my dad, it was affirmation that his service, albeit not filled with bombs bursting in air, was important.

Thanks dad.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! That is so cool! I'd love to see or read the interview. Jayci

So Cal Peeper said...

we'll get a copy of the transcript, jay