Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gewgaw, Squeaking Chicken

I don't remember where or when I bought this. To play it, you hold the bottom part, and gently pull/push on the head part, and it squeaks. The squeak mechanism (if you could call it that) is made of paper that elegantly expands, somewhat like an accordian, but in a spiral. I think it's from Mexico, because the parts where the paint has chipped off shows a little terra cotta underneath. A delightful little item that serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

Apologies for not posting a 'gew gaw' sooner. I'm a lazy slug, so to accomodate my slugginess, I'm no longer calling this The Weekly Gew Gaw, but the just plain "Gew Gaw". I'll post as often as I'm able, or not.

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